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To make a reservation simply use my new booking form.

I will email you back confirming the date and sending full details of the location. That’s it.

What’s included

I serve a five course set menu with additional complimentary canapés and aperitif on arrival and also coffee/tea with petits fours afterwards.  Chilled filtered tap water is also provided.


I charge £45 per person for the evening which is paid on booking.  However, my cancellation policy is that this is fully refundable if you cancel ten days before your reserved dinner date.


7.30pm for 8.00pm dinner.  Please be on time.  Everyone sits down together and eats together and I have prepared and cooked the food based on these timings.  If you are late, unfortunately we will have to start without you!


Please bring your own wine and any other soft drinks that you may like in addition to tap water.  We do not have an alcohol licence as this is our home not a restaurant. Also, we do not charge corkage. Unfortunately we don’t have the fridge space to be able to chill wine for you, but we will be providing ice buckets to keep pre chilled drinks cold.  We provide chilled filtered water.


We have ample parking available. 


Please cancel as soon as possible.  Your payment is refundable up to 10 days of your reservation, after which it is not refundable.  This is because very late cancellations can be tricky to re-book.  If your reservations can’t be filled, not only are the ingredients wasted but there will also be tables with gaps, which can spoil other peoples’ evenings too.  Please be considerate.

Do see our Your Experience page, which sets out a bit more about how it all works. But the main idea is to come along, have a fabulous evening and enjoy some great food in the company of interesting and lively people.

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