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Meet your chef, Tanya

I just love to cook, it really is therapy for me, as few things make me happier than a bunch of carrots and a sharp knife!

Do you live to eat or eat to live?

I think I actually live to cook, eating is just a very convenient by-product. I have cooked from a young age and discovered very early on I also love to cook for others.

My earliest cooking memory is from infant school in the days when cooking was taught in school.  A huge clue to my age no doubt. We made fairy cakes and I can still see the daffodil yellow bowl, wooden spoon and remember stirring the eggs into the butter and sugar, watching the orange yolk slowly amalgamating with the rest of the mixture. No doubt we licked the spoons and the bowl as I am sure health and safety had not been invented back then.

Since then, I have always cooked and latterly cooked and entertained friends and family with my creations. Eventually I ended up running a catering company, almost by accident, as a friend suggested that I should start charging for my services. I spent so much of my time cooking and as there was always far too much for my family and neighbours,  it seemed sensible to start a business. I had resorted to ‘forcing’ food on anyone that came to our house – postman, workmen, you get the picture…

Starting small, I catered for drinks parties and small celebrations but soon I was catering for weddings for 150 guests. I loved it.   On moving to France I left catering behind and then we moved to Singapore. The climate there was a huge restriction when it came to cooking.  If you can imagine trying to cook a meal while standing in a sauna, you will understand the issue!

On returning to the UK, I decided to train as a chef.  No one quite understood why I wanted or needed to but it was a lifelong dream to learn the secrets of the trade and qualify as a chef. I enrolled on a full time course at Ashburton Cookery School’s Professional Chef’s Academy and qualified 6 months later. So, with a good 25 years experience of cooking and now a trained chef I am delighted to be able to invite you into my home and to be able to cook for you.

I take my inspiration for menus from the ingredients and cuisine of both France and Asia, mixed in with my foundation of British cuisine, using local and seasonal ingredients as well as more unusual ones from further afield. My menus are varied as I love to surprise and delight, adding a little unexpected item here and there to lift the flavours and pleasure.

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