The Concept

The French have been doing it forever.  A ‘restaurant’ in someone’s own home, where anyone can come along to eat.

No choice, no starched white tablecloths and sometimes in France only a few pleasantries!

But the upside is that all the hosts’ energy has been put into creating a fabulous flavoursome experience using local and seasonal produce with their own special twist. Having lived in France for two years we experienced both very good and the not so good, but very early on I was inspired to create my own version.

I have created a unique dining experience where you can be our guests in our family dining room, overlooking the mature garden, where, depending on the time of year and the weather, you can enjoy a complementary pre dinner drink and canapés.  I write the menu based on availability, seasonality and what I fancy delighting my guests with.  I use the very best ingredients, including local produce as well as a few vegetables, fruits, herbs and salads that I have grown.

Come along and enjoy a delicious five course meal all hand prepared and selected by me, with additional coffee and hand made petits fours to round off the evening. Enjoy top quality food in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere as our guests.

With a large sociable table you can sit alongside other foodies and enjoy the evening, as a group, a couple or on your own. Think dinner in a catered ski chalet or ‘fine dining Wagamama’ style. Supper club/pop up restaurant/home restaurant devotees tend to be of a sociable nature, so don’t feel shy – just come along and see for yourself.

Join us